Program Manager

Nicole (she/her) graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Global Health Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and has both her Masters in Social Work and Masters in Legal Studies from Arizona State University. After obtaining her degree, Nicole began her professional journey at the United Nations. Here, she managed research for UN Women on the needs of women organizations worldwide. She has stateside clinical experience, including a mental health clinic in Austin, private coaching in Los Angeles, and disability workshops in New York City. All of these have further shaped Nicole’s understanding of diversity and lived experiences from a vast range of individuals. Nicole also identifies as neurodivergent.

Nicole’s research and clinical training have led her to be focused on the early biological and social influences on development, both typical and atypical, beginning in infancy, spanning to later childhood, into the teen and young adult years. She utilizes her passion, research, and education in social work to implement individualized and holistic interventions, motivational interviewing, and strength-based techniques. Nicole is passionate about researching the lack of diagnostic tools to assess autism in historically excluded communities and creating more inclusive research.