NERC’s research provides vital information on the needs and experiences of neurodivergent learners of all ages, the nature and quality of the training and education resources available to them, and the impact education has made on other parts of their lives.

NERC’s center for education research investigates the full array of teaching and learning strategies relevant to the neurodivergent population of students, from pre-school children to post-graduate doctorate holders. The scope of our innovative education research methodologies is wide-ranging including primary data collection and reporting, analysis of individual and aggregate assessments, interviews, surveys, and classroom observations.

By implementing state-of-the-art research methods and utilizing advanced statistical techniques to analyze the data NERC’s work provides reliable, evidence-based information to help resolve and address critical issues in providing access to quality education for neurodivergent students. Our research supports the aims of government, private agencies, and organizations by consistently implementing accurate and relevant research that aids in preparing a diverse, globally-engaged neurodivergent STEM workforce. Integrating education research with workforce development supports building capacity that is used to advance policies that encourage full participation of underrepresented neurodivergent students in STEM enterprises.

Science Prep Academy, is NERC’s flagship STEM private school that has validated our innovative research-based education model that is designed to support neurodivergent students transitioning into college and career. Science Prep Academy is breaking ground in the areas of teaching and learning, vocational training, mental health, and adaptive recreation for neurodivergent students.