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NERC Research is guided by an Equity & Integrity in Research Statement, Research Practice Guidelines, and Research Values. These documents were developed by a neurodivergent researcher and revised with feedback from several neurodivergent individuals in 2023. Feedback was solicited through email, during an online community meeting, and a follow up online survey. NERC’s Research Committee meets regularly to monitor the research agenda.


Equity & Integrity in Research Statement

NERC is a learning community that is committed to equity and integrity in educational research. NERC takes responsibility and accountability for proposing, performing, and evaluating research that is accessible to, inclusive of, and responsive to neurodiverse communities. We highlight neurodivergent individuals’ experiences in community with neurotypical individuals, policies, and practices. NERC also pledges to build trust across disciplines, and research, practice, and disability communities through transparency, which begins by being open with research policies and values.


Research Practice Guidelines

NERC research is oriented towards neurodiversity approaches (Dwyer, 2021; 2022). Neurodiversity approaches to research acknowledge both individual needs for appropriate support, guidance, and services, as well as the need to change the environment or context to be more accessible and inclusive. Some understand this approach to differ from both the medical model and the social model in its understanding of disability as ecological, meaning that individuals and the context are always in relation with each other.
NERC research falls under three categories:

  • Neurodiversity: Experience, Culture, and Advocacy
  • Teaching and Learning
  • Educational Systems


Research Values

NERC values research that is:

  • Rigorous and impactful
  • Takes broad and flexible perspectives of education
  • Focuses on diversity, equity, inclusion and justice

Current Research

NERC/ASU Partnership

NERC and Arizona State University (ASU) have partnered on a National Science Foundation (NSF) funded project. This Research Practice Partnership (RPP) explored computer science education as it intersects with disability and the arts. Working with embodied technologies and neurodiverse pedagogies, we strove to build rich, inclusive computational learning experiences for all students. The partnership extended beyond the university and school settings to include parents and business leaders.